The pain of loosing someone that you love can, of course, be overwhelming. If you have watched someone fading for a long time you will likely be exhausted, physically and emotionally. In the normal run of things we try not to think of death. The young in particular think that death is just something that happens to other people. However, when someone that we love is diagnosed with a serious illness, or when they die, the reality comes home to us. We realise quite brutally that life is short, it is fragile and can be taken from us, any of us, at any time. For those of us who grieve we can feel a mixture of sadness, guilt and anger, that carries on long after the funeral is over and other people have forgotten that anything like this had ever happened to us. One of the greatest devastations in this is the sense that we will never see our loved one again. The finality of it is heart breaking in the extreme, probably amongst the most painful things that a human being will ever have to suffer. But at least in the Christian Church we do entertain a significant hope.


Christians do not believe thatr Jesus’ resurrection from the dead was a mere fantasy, a mirage and certainly not a story made up just to give people hope in this life. Serious scholars believe that there is good reason to regard the resurrection stories in the New Testament as the account, of serious and honest people, of an objectively real event that they regarded as Jesus risen back to life from the dead. The Church, guided as we believe by God, over the centuries have made sense of that event in terms of God’s faithfulness to humanity in love. God’s  love is life giving and it extends even into death. In the story of Jesus’ sacrificial love and resurrection we are being told that God will not let us fade into nothingness, but will bring us back into being in a new body, on the last day, through Jesus Christ our Lord. God will bring us back into our relationships with one another again, except in new and richer ways than even before. We believe that death is not the end of ours, or our loved one’s, story.


If you wish to talk about how you feel at a very difficult time such as this, please give me a ring, or send me an email or use the contact form on this site. All the information necessary is on this site, please do not hesitate to use it.


In the meantime, if you have lost someone I will pray for you. I will pray for God to bless you with reassurance, comfort and peace, and to implant in you a hope in his redemption.

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